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 Minburn Communications has provided telecommunication services to the community of

Minburn, Iowa since 1903 and since 1999 in the community of Woodward. 


   In addition to telephone service, Minburn Communications offers cable television,

Internet service. Serving residential and business customers in both communities and the rural areas, Minburn Communications is a technology leader, as well as an area economic development supporter.



Our agreements with programmers to carry their services routinely expire from time to time. We usually seek and are often able to negotiate renewals or extensions of such agreements. In most cases, programming services are discontinued only if we find it to be necessary, based on financial, technical or other considerations. The following agreements with programmers are due to expire, and, if we are unable to reach agreement prior to year end, we will be DELETING these services from our channel lineup, effective January 1:Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., the licensee of broadcast television station WOI-DT, Ames, Iowa and all the associated multicast signals.  If you have any questions concerning this possible change in service, please contact our Minburn office at 515-677-2264 or our Woodward office at 515-438-2200.


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